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Airport Service Professionals

Based in Western Canada and with over 50 years in the industry, we strive to provide our customers with above and beyond service and safety excellence. We exercise our commitment to remain leaders in our industry by continuing to strive for distinction and seeking out new technical advances and learning opportunities. We offer customized aviation solutions to meet all airline service requirements. 

Passenger Services

Our customer service agents take care of all customer service needs from the moment the departing passengers arrive at the airport to the moment the arriving passengers leave.  We are trained and happy to provide additional assistance to any passenger that requires extra care. RS and Associates provides safe and efficient service to ensure our travellers are happy and comfortable.

Ground Handling Services

RS and Associates provide ground handling services with highly trained and experienced employees. All handling services are offered with a strong focus on safety and on time performance (OTP). We operate and execute our ground handling services to meet the needs of our growing customer base of both scheduled and charter carriers.

Maintenance Services

RS  and Associates maintain, refurbish and repair all types of ground service equipment (GSE). In addition we offer fleet maintenance and repair programs for a variety of ground  transportation companies.

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Safety: Our Core Value

RS and Associates commitment to safety is recognized throughout the industry. Our policy and practices exceed the standard and we are diligent in keeping current and ahead of the curve.
We adopted the Vortex Safety Management System (SMS) used at airports throughout North America with real time reporting and analytics.
We also maintain a Joint Health and Safety Committee, Emergency Response Team and host an annual Safety Summit for multiple partners where we update policy, review current industry standards and the latest in air safety culture. It is our goal to be the safest Ground Service Provider we can be.


RS and Associates and United Ramp Incorporated have been supporting their local communities for over 30 years. Through the chamber of commerce or local charitable donations and sports teams we have given back to the communities that have supported our customers and us. We have raised thousands of dollars through fund raising over many years through airport barbecues, golf tournaments and other means. It is important for our company to be a good corporate citizen and our staff to be proud of who they work for.


Today the industry demands environmental consideration from all of us no matter what size or how much we can contribute ....every bit counts.
Our companies have recognized the need for change and how it can positively affect our culture and our environment or even our bottom line.
We use many electric GSE and have decreased emissions while decreasing the bottom line with rising fuel costs.
Strong environmental programs and a focus on rebuilding, re-using and recycling have led the way to more committed policies for RS and Associates.
We understand our need to reduce our foot print and create breathing room for future generations of aviation employees.

Our People

RS and Associates recognize employees to be our greatest resource — and it is our goal that our employee’s are happy to be at work. RS and Associates employees are motivated to do a great job and provide exceptional service, and above all consider safety in every facet of the operation from getting to work safely to getting home safely and the entire operation in between.
RS and Associates and partners value exceptional employees and provide incentives to those who go above and beyond or continually work at the highest level.
Our Managers, including our proprietors, have all worked their way from the bottom to the top and it is important to us that we maintain a positive relationship at all levels.

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RS and Associates recognize that people are our greatest resource and the employees at RS and Associates shape who we are and assist in our direction. We strive to create a corporate culture that reflects our core values and make it a priority to ensure that our employees feel respected and valued. Learning is a part of our everyday and our leaders challenge our employees to become the best they can be. Responsibility, accountability and dependability are three of our values that RS and Associates practice daily.



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